Transcripts: Specials: Dune 2000

Dune 2000 Chat April 15th. 1998

Broadcast from VrtualTed  : The DUNE2000 chat is about to start! Join us and talk with producer Lewis Peterson right now!
VrtualTed  : We're going to get started in just a minute.
VrtualTed  : If you haven't already, you can see Lewis on our webcam at
VrtualTed  : Okay, if any of you have any questions, please send them to me.
LewisP     : Hi everybody!
VrtualTed  : Lewis, why don't you introduce yourself to the group...
LewisP     : I'm Lewis Peterson, I'm a big Dune fan, and I hope you all check out the webcam to see my Dune toys!
LewisP     : I've got Paul Atreides, Stilgar the Fremen, and even the coveted sandworm.
LewisP     : I guess you're all here because you've been seing wormsigns?
LewisP     : I'll be answering your questions in just one sec - we're cueing up the list right now, so hang on!!
VrtualTed  : Alright!   I think we're finally ready to start.   Sorry for the delay everyone!
VrtualTed  : Again, send any questions you have for Lewis to me, and I will call upon you when it's your turn to speak.
VrtualTed  : Pirakis is the first one up!
Pirakis    : How much of a renovation did you guys put Dune 2 through to get Dune 2000? What can we look forward to in Dune 2000?
LewisP     : Where to start?  First off, we want to be clear that Dune2000 is an update to Dune 2, not a sequel - having said that, the biggest improvements are in the area of internet & lan multiplayer, new high-res graphics, sound, music, improved interface, and much more!!
LewisP     : In addition, we have added a couple new units - the engineer, and the thumper infantry.
VrtualTed  : Cool!
VrtualTed  : Compy is up next...
VrtualTed  : Hmm.  He's gone!
VrtualTed  : COmpy's question was: when will it be out?
LewisP     : Late May, early June
VrtualTed  : SSSwami is up next!
SSSwami    : Thanks!  There have been some rumors regarding the StarPort.  How does this work in the new game, in relation to Dune II?
LewisP     : Well, first off, we've integrated the Starport into the sidebar...
LewisP     : This allows you to place your orders in real-time without stopping the game flow
LewisP     : There is a 'starport' button that switches the sidebar icons to indicate units you can order through the starport
LewisP     : We are allowing people to order multiple units this way - just like in Dune 2
VrtualTed  : Very good!   Dolgan1 is up next...
Dolgan1    : Have you rewritten the music and recorded new unit speech or you're using the old ones (which were great for the time)?
LewisP     : We loved the original music & voices too!
LewisP     : We've updated the music & voices to capture the original feeling & flavor of the original, because they had a lot of character,
LewisP     : each house will retain its own distinctive feel, so expect a mix of new and the familiar.
VrtualTed  : thanks!
VrtualTed  : Dune2kcom has a question about the stars in the game...
DUNE2KCOM  : Heyo, Could you tell us who the Actors and Actresses are from the Movie Cuts, aside from John Rhys Davies?
LewisP     : While we get the list, I can say something about the movies...
LewisP     : We've done an original script, and have really captured the feel of the Dune film & universe - we've created
LewisP     : new sets, costumes, that really feel like those in the movies - but with the added bonus that our sets are 
LewisP     : computer generated, which allows us to get a close-up of an ornithopter, etc. that you couldn't get in the film
LewisP     : Here's the list
LewisP     : Musetta Vander (Lady Elara- Bene Gesserit) - she was featured in Mortal Kombat II, and has been in Babylon V and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
LewisP     : Richard Marcus (Ordos Mentat) He can be seen on the sci-fi Pretender series
LewisP     : Nancy Valen (Fremen warrior-babe) She's a regular on Baywatch 
VrtualTed  : (I think she asked me out on a date once..)
LewisP     : Adrian Sparks (the Emperor)
LewisP     : You wish, VTed!
VrtualTed  : Hey, it could happen!
LewisP     : Adrian Sparks - almost identical to the Emperor in the film - has appeared in Manhattan Project, A Princess to Murder, and LA Law, McGyver, etc.
VrtualTed  : whew!   Thanks.
VrtualTed  : Ok, we have feetman up next!
Feetman    : Will harvesters dump in one second as in RA or stay in refinery as in C&C. How 'bout crates + sandworm
LewisP     : Harvester unload as in C&C.  
LewisP     : We are including crates (contents are a something to look forward to) - but they are optional
LewisP     : Sandworms - oh, we have seen wormsigns, the likes of which even God himself has never seen :)
VrtualTed  : Lewis, I have a question!   (me, me!)
VrtualTed  : How many people will DUNE2000 support in multiplayer?
LewisP     : Right now, we're experimenting with 8 LAN and 4 on Westwood Online - but I can't make any promises
LewisP     : And I will say, it is great to be able to play Dune multiplayer!
VrtualTed  : And there are rumors that the DUne2 game will be in the box???
LewisP     : These are rumors - only rumors - Dune 2 won't be in the box :(
VrtualTed  : okay.   Next up is TimpCnC
TimPCNC    : You put the caps wrong
VrtualTed  : oops!  sorry!
TimPCNC    : How is Joe Bostic invoved in this project when he's also working on TS?
TimPCNC    : involved
LewisP     : Joe has been closely consulting with the D2K team, but he his focusing on that little project you mentioned (Tiberian Sun?) :)
VrtualTed  : Lewis, is true that you are a twin of David Byrne??
LewisP     : Same as it ever was!  In a former life, I was a rock star.
VrtualTed  : Viper873 is up next...
LewisP     : The Ornithopter has been updated to add more control than in Dune 2 - they are designed for targeted bombing runs 
Viper873   : Can we control them though?
LewisP     : I knew you were going to say that.  The spice has increased my vision.
LewisP     : You can control where they strike -
VrtualTed  : celt is up next!
Celt       : Hi
Celt       : How many houses can you play as in multiplayer?  Are the empire and fremen separate houses? Oh and can i have a free t-shirt?
Celt       : : )
LewisP     : Only "three houses fight for control of Dune."  The Noble Atreides, Insidious Ordos, and Evil Harkonnen. The other sides play a part in the solo missions, though.
LewisP     : t-shirt? Ok
Celt       : cool
LewisP     : Talk to Ted!
VrtualTed  : Doop!   Well, send me your name and address...
VrtualTed  : Lilgiant is up next!
LilGiant   : Two questions... 1) What will be the SRP (if you know)?  and 2) How will the hidden items work?  Will the buried units removed from Dune 2 be in Dune 2K?
LewisP     : Suggested retail price is hard to predict, because the retailers set their prices - but I would guess between 29 & 42 dollars (depending on the store chain) great gaming value!
LewisP     : It is possible you may find some treasures in the sand -- you'll need to look!
VrtualTed  : JonnyCnc is up next!
JonnyCnC   : In the original dune2000 infantry could take over damaged structures.....  in 2000 there is suppose to be engineers.  Who does what now?
LewisP     : Engineers take the buildings.  Infantry used to, becuase it was easier to move them into buildings with the old interface - so we put in the engineer.
JonnyCnC   : and where could I get my hands on a demo copy?
LewisP     : No demos yet - watch our web site for updates & demo info.
VrtualTed  : Hawk65728 ius up next..
Hawk65728  : what are the game requirements?       and will u need a 3d effect card to play?
LewisP     : No 3D hardware required - 
LewisP     : P90 is the minimum platform, and it plays smoothly - the faster the machine, though, the better the performance
VrtualTed  : Ysebaert is up next!
ysebaert   : Do you plan on releasing a map editor in a later add-on pack or even in the game
LewisP     : We won't release a map editor with the game launch - but we are thinking about releasing it for free on the internet after the product ships...
VrtualTed  : Incomer is next.
Incomer    : Can you build multiple units if you have multiple factories like in dune2 and is their a unit and building limit
LewisP     : You can build units independently from your light factory, heavy factory, barracks, high tech factory, etc.
LewisP     : So you can crank out the units - there is a limit, but its set in the hundreds - the final number is still being resolved now.
VrtualTed  : SO, how long did it take to produce the game Lewis?
LewisP     : We've been talking & planning it for several years, but producing the game will end up taking about a year.
VrtualTed  : Kaspm is up next!
LewisP     : No!  Dune 2 isn't required to play - but I would recommend if you haven't checked it out to find & play it.  It still holds up today, I think
VrtualTed  : bubbusmax is up next!
VrtualTed  : bubbus?
BubbusMax  : Can orders be qeued?
LewisP     : You can order multiple units through the starport - but you can't cue up multiple commands for an individual unit
DayOfWar   : If Frank Herbert could see how his book has been expanded , What do you think he would say about Dune:2000?
LewisP     : I think he'd be proud of what we've done with D2K  - we've really focused on being true to the universe. 
LewisP     : For those of you who have read his works, he's got an incredible vision - and I think he'd be happy with how
LewisP     : we've put his ideas into an interactive environment and give people a chance to zoom in on the classic moments of conflict on Arrakis
VrtualTed  : Cakemunch is up next!
CakeMunch  : 1)will people with normal dune2 be able to upgrade to dune2000 some how????  2) will you be able to multiple select units like you can in RA??????
LewisP     : Well, Cakemunch (?) - Dune2000 is a standalone product - no need to have Dune 2.  
LewisP     : And yes, we have updated the interface so that you can select multiple units, set teams, etc.
VrtualTed  : So, when will it be out in England, France, Germany, and other places?
LewisP     : Worldwide release date is May/June - French, England, Germany, US
VrtualTed  : Raptor17 is up next/
RapTOr17   : 1.)Will there be single mission scenarios and different difficulty levels?
LewisP     : Yes - we are including difficulty levels
VrtualTed  : (We have a few more minutes!   If you have a question, send it to me)
LewisP     : And there are over 30 solo play missions, split between the three houses.
VrtualTed  : Dolgan1 is up next!
Dolgan1    : Will the storyine be altared in any way apart from dune 2, example will the Emperor still takes sides agains the atreidies if they begin to win all their battles?
LewisP     : The fundamental storyline is very similar - the Emperor is pitting the three houses against each other --
LewisP     : We've taken a lot of time to make the characters more detailed, interesting, and the story more detailed, though.
LewisP     : Mercenaries, Fremen, Smugglers, etc. play a role.
VrtualTed  : Hmm.  I think someone has walked in... Let's see if we can get them to make an appearance...
VrtualTed  : Whoa!  It's executive producer and original Dune2000 designer Brett W. Sperry!
VrtualTed  : Hi Brett, why don't you tell us a little about yourself...
LewisP     : oh noy
LewisP     : oh boy
LewisP     : how much time do we have? : )
LewisP     : i am friend of Lou
LewisP     : er
LewisP     : Lou and I founded Westwood in 1985
LewisP     : we were coders-artists-designers.  Back then teams were one or two people and did many different parts
LewisP     : of game development
LewisP     : now I design, help run Westwood, and play games!
VrtualTed  : BetaWz has a question...
VrtualTed  : Beta?
BetaWZ     : How Many people are involved in the Dune200 Project and what do you all do for recreation?
BetaWZ     : When youa re fed up with ptogramming?
BrettWS    : over 25 people involved in development, not including the actors...
BrettWS    : For fun we play craps!  : )
BrettWS    : I love programming still to this day, but I don't have much time to do it any more.
VrtualTed  : Beerhoser is next!
BeerHoser  : How much time went in to marketing, and box design
BeerHoser  : and will C&C II include the medic rush?
BrettWS    : For dune 2000 we spent about 4 months working out logo designs, box imagery, copy, etc
BrettWS    : C&C 2?
BrettWS    : What's that.  
BrettWS    : Stay tuned for more info on C&C2 this summer
VrtualTed  : Thanks!   Tmf123 is up next!
Tmf123     : Uh Hi..
Tmf123     : I wanted to ask Brett if he plays Sole Survivor, and if so if he would like to join ALpha Squad
BrettWS    : Hi there
BrettWS    : Yes
BrettWS    : I play C&C SS a few times a week
BrettWS    : Alpha guys any good?  ; )
Shnook     : I guess i have a three part question, and it is:  1) Will there be skirmish games? 2) Can I have a free copy?  :)
Shnook     : Also, you know we all want it.  Can we PLEASE have a few new unit names for C&C2: TS!
BrettWS    : Dune 2k will have a skirmish is labeled practice mode in D2k though.
BrettWS    : Free copy?  I think the other guy beat you to it!
BrettWS    : Names for C&C 2 units...hmmm...Disruptor, Jump Jet Infantry, Firestorm Defense...
BrettWS    :  : )
VrtualTed  : Alexisrd is up next!
VrtualTed  : Hmm.  Elvis has left the building...
VrtualTed  : Next is SoljahBoy
SoljahBoy  : Coolio Office! :) Can u tell us some of the features in the game and multiplayer that will most attract gamers?
SoljahBoy  : one more thing....
VrtualTed  : go ahead Soljah
SoljahBoy  : I wanna challenge u RA! hehehe...:)
BrettWS    : haha.
BrettWS    : if we fight, you might win!
SoljahBoy  : yeah....
BrettWS    :  : )
BrettWS    : ok
BrettWS    : most attactive....
BrettWS    : Internet play and LAN and modem h2h
BrettWS    : Hi res!!
SoljahBoy  : coolio
SoljahBoy  : thanx
BrettWS    : All the great moments, music, units that made Dune 2 a blast.
SoljahBoy  : this should be a good one! L)
BrettWS    : I can't wait to play against Live Harkonnen
BrettWS    : Some really nice touches, special effects, much better drama/briefings.
BrettWS    : It's a pretty cool update over all.
SoljahBoy  : wow, is a good thing that video card support is not needed
SoljahBoy  : it will attract a bigger audience like that
BrettWS    : It's true.  There really was no need to make a 3d card required.
VrtualTed  : So Brett, several people have asked me why you are still involved in the game making process since you are also President of Westwood.
BrettWS    : I can't resist.  I love making games and working on new ideas with everyone here.
BrettWS    : The president part, that I can do in my sleep. but building great and compelling games, now that is the tricky part
VrtualTed  : We have time for one more!   CakeMunch is up next.
CakeMunch  : when did you start programming and how long did it take you to get as good as you are???
CakeMunch  : and... will dune2000 still keep the same graphics and stuff as in dune2?
BrettWS    : I started coding when I was about 15 years old and I started with Basic
BrettWS    : and after about a month, I ran out of memory on my Apple II
BrettWS    : and power
BrettWS    : so I moved to assembly language (6502)
BrettWS    : and programmed a bunch of little games for a few years.
BrettWS    : I was self taught and learned a lot by making games.
BrettWS    : And admiring the great games of the time
BrettWS    : I think it took about 2-3 years to get really good.
BrettWS    : Dune 2000 has completely new graphics and a new look with some influences from Dune 2, but by and large
BrettWS    : a completely new make over in all areas.
BrettWS    : Hye, thanks everyone for coming.
BrettWS    : We will have to do this again soon!
VrtualTed  : Very good!   Thanks again Brett for stopping by!
VrtualTed  : And, I think that about wraps it up!
VrtualTed  : Thanks everyone for stopping in.   We will be adding a lot of new screenshots and stuff to the website, so stop in next week!
VrtualTed  :!
VrtualTed  : I'll open it up so that everyone can talk amongst themselves.   Topic: Ireland after World War II.   Discuss!