Title: Red Alert quesions night Description:
9th February 97
Well, this transcript have some problem solving, some questions about life at Westwood, and much more.
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Type: Tecnical support
Who: WS-Ted and Other people
 ©Copyright TibCom 1997
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Logging started: Sun Feb 09 03:02:43 1997

<KyLe1> he he
<KyLe1> Hi Ted!
CarnbY: hi Ted!
Xplode: hi
private from CarnbY: heh he
Xplode: ted
private from CarnbY: channel logging is ON
Ted-WS: hey guys
<private> Skal du konfrontere han med C&C part
Xplode: Can i ask you a question?
<private> ?
Ted-WS: SUre.
<KyLe1> me too
mjackman: hi, I'm having video problems
private from CarnbY: C&C part?
Xplode: When you first go into wchat it says that the lag problem will be fixed in two weeks, and its been over two months
private from CarnbY: NOD comm. officer?
sdaffdg: HI
<private> yea,
Xplode: when is it going to be fixed?
Ted-WS: Video problems are almost always, always video card drivers that are not 100% Directx 3.0 compatible.
sdaffdg: hi
sdaffdg: are there ra patches?
private from Xplode: hi cool person
mjackman: my screen is black when i load a scenario and as I move the mouse the screen uncovers in chunks
<private> "Ted, or may i say NOD COM OFFicer TED"!!! WE KNOWWWWW"
private from CarnbY: nah, that's in the past...
Ted-WS: Ah, I must remove that message. We're getting a new server installed soon. WHen I wrote that message we were around 300 users. Xplode: HEY i asked my question first
Ted-WS: now, we are 450/500 quite often.
dman4444: how do I play via net
Ted-WS: things are getting busy.
Xplode: OK thanks
<KyLe1> Well. Soon there will be no channel messages (or ?? ? )
private from CarnbY: yeah,right... I think he'd freak out...
Xplode: Next Question.....
Ted-WS: What would you like to play via the net?
<KyLe1> I ahve a question.
sdaffdg: ne1 need help?
dman4444: Red Alert
<KyLe1> I have a question
sdaffdg: yes
<KyLe1> Ted; What is all this "helpBot", "FriendBot" things ? I feel that they are of no use.......
relms: helloheloo
Ted-WS: Well, you can only the WIndows 95 version of Red Alert over the net.
sdaffdg: yes
sdaffdg: what is it?
dman4444: got it
relms: can some one help me
Xplode: I was told by Sunflight that the head guy at wchat doesn't want more than 2 @'s, do you know why?
Ted-WS: You must also have Westwood Chat installed from the CD. Make sure you're hooked to your inet provider, go into the game and click multiplayer, internet game.
mjackman: I have a question too.
dman4444: what next
CarnbY: yeah, I agree with KyLe...
Ted-WS: it will launch westwood chat, and you can either create or join game.
mjackman: screen is black when I load a scenario; otherwise it works fine
dman4444: thats what i am using now
relms: how do i conect to other people for C&c after i Hve given my ip
CarnbY: so, how are things at Westwood now?
sdaffdg: any questions ne1?
<KyLe1> Where is the system ?
dman4444: what next
Ted-WS: Helpbot kicks people from channels that use bad language. that is all
private from CarnbY: that relms dude is way off!
<KyLe1> yea.....
sdaffdg: mjackman are you playing skirmish?
<KyLe1> I know..
codeboy: Hey folks where can I find the rankings of Red Alert???
redy2lose: someone please tell me how to add crates into custom maps?
ruger357: what all games can be played here?
relms: is what ted said the anser to my question
mjackman: sdaffdg: what is skrimish?
dman4444: Ted<<< what do I do next
<KyLe1> What about no channel messages? this is a mess!!!!
sdaffdg: redy2lose, you can not add crates with the RA map editor
<private> This seem to sux
Vira: Is this the real tech Support?
Ted-WS: Okay, it's getting a bit busy. I had better start taking questions one at a time.
relms: is it possible to connect with other people on the game Comand & Conqure
<private> ?
sheamaine: HELLO
<private> Send et "?" til Ted; som det står i texted!!
private from CarnbY: is that so?
Ted-WS: Okay, this channel is now moderated.
private from CarnbY: Fælt så du klager over Westwwood no for tida...
<KyLe1> he he
Ted-WS: If you have a technical support question, you can send me a "?" question mark privately.
KyLe1 #Tech_Support :Cannot send to channel
Ted-WS: I'll add you to the list and call upon you when it's your turn.
<private> ?
Ted-WS is away: THanks. I'll add you to the list and call upon you when it's your turn.
<private> da får du " THanks. I'll add you to the list and call upon you when it's your turn.
private from CarnbY: 3-4 personer spør meg om spørsmål!!!
Ted-WS: And, we'll start with our first person.. stabosz.
Ted-WS: hang on a sec. stabosz.
private from CarnbY: eg har gjort det, men fikk ikkje et thanks...
<private> Gjer det en gong til
<private> -snart får stabosz en "-" forran seg
private from Xplode: for some mysterious reason i am turned on by your presence
<private> ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?
private from CarnbY: ok...
Ted-WS: Alright. We're ready again. Sorry for the delay.
private from CarnbY: message received
Ted-WS: Stabosz, you can speak now.
<private> en pøluss"""""

NOTE! I got disconnected; guess why..... Hope they get that server soon....

Logging started: Sun Feb 09 03:22:16 1997

private from CarnbY: hva skal du spørre om?
Ted-WS: Yep.
<private> det sier eg ikkje!!
Vira: how?
Ted-WS: Go here --->
Ted-WS: Step by step instructions are there for ya.
Vira: And What does Video Buffer Error Mean it says that when i try to load RA win95 on another computer
private from CarnbY: åhhh....
private from CarnbY: eg kommer ikkje på noe bra...
Ted-WS: The instructions for connecting DOS and Win95 versions over an IPX network are listed there.
<private> eg har 3-4 q.
private from CarnbY: men det gjør eg sikkert etterpå...
Ted-WS: You should point your browser there and follow the instructions (it would take too long here)
private from CarnbY: kanskje eg skal spørre om counterstrike...
Ted-WS: How much memory is on the video card that you are loading RA onto?
private from CarnbY: hva er god bedring på eng. ?
private from CarnbY: well... gi meg noen :-)
Vira: im not sure probably not much it's an older computer that's probably the problem then thanks.
<private> kva ?
Ted-WS: Sure.
<private> jada... "God Bedring!"
<private> "Håper du blir bedre"
private from CarnbY: eg fikk nett høre av en person at eg er "extremely cool because of my name and funky attitude" ...
<private> etc.
private from CarnbY: that's not bad :-)
<KyLe1> Hia ted!
<KyLe1> Ted, i mean
Ted-WS: Kyle1 is next.
<KyLe1> I got two questions for ya.
<KyLe1> 1. Could you give us some more info about the ladder part Westwood had planned ?
Ted-WS: hey there.
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
Ted-WS: Hmm, yes.
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: dd
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
<private> good one ? ? ? ?
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
Ted-WS: We plan to have an overall ranking system running, in addition to smaller tournaments/contests.
private from HallNWO: d
<private> STOP THAT!!!!
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
<KyLe1> cool.
private from HallNWO: d
Ted-WS: We will pick winners weekly, or for special events - and there will be many.
private from HallNWO: d
Ted-WS: I intend to have some very, very good prizes.
<KyLe1> as?
private from HallNWO: d
<KyLe1> -)
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: ddd
private from CarnbY: is this cool or is this COOL ?!?!?!?!?!
private from Xplode: Ask a good one ok
private from HallNWO: d
<KyLe1> ok. My second one:
<KyLe1> 2. Are there any way to take screenshots in Windows95 version of Red Alert; SVGA?
private from HallNWO: d
private from HallNWO: d
<private> ahh the sq. button works!!!!!
Ted-WS: Ahh, well, I shouldn't say now, but I intend to make it worth your while!
Ted-WS: No, not that I have found. There is hardware available that allows you to do this, but I think it runs around $100.00 or so.
private from Xplode: Ask a good one
<KyLe1> Will there be a chance to play aganst any of you (WS Employees) in the tournament you where talking about?
Ted-WS: Okay, we had better move on.
<private> Denne +'en er cool
<KyLe1> Thanx a lot, Ted!
Ted-WS: Codeboy is next.
KyLe1 #Tech_Support :Cannot send to channel
<private> så du " Will there be a chance to play aganst any of you (WS Employees) in the tournament you where talking about?"
private from CarnbY: yeah, well, you've lost it...
Ted-WS: Yes! I'll involve some of our playtesters, the original programmers, and designers. I'll be in it too.
<private> sendte eg det til kanalen
private from CarnbY: yup
<private> ok.
private from here2day: hey
private from CarnbY: he just answered...
<private> Har du funnet på noko ???
private from here2day: what tournament?
private from CarnbY: ekstremt mye lag her...
<KyLe1> yea!
private from here2day: is it for their new c&c game?
Ted-WS: Carnby is up next.
KyLe1 #Tech_Support :Cannot send to channel
<private> The tournament Westwood is going to start
<private> like a Ladder; only better
<private> and they got great prizes
<private> and events
<private> etc.
<private> Comming soon!!!
private from here2day: for what game?
CarnbY: oh, cool
<private> Red Alert
private from here2day: RA?
<private> Command & Conquer: Red Alert, yes
private from here2day: im going to ask about their new C&C game... im trying to be a beta tester 4 it
CarnbY: will the music CD's be available in the stores, or only by ordering directly from you?
Ted-WS: I think only by ordering from us at first. We have had inquiries though, and we are running out extremely fast right now.
Ted-WS: More are being created.
<private> ?
private from CarnbY: hmmm
CarnbY: that's nice...
Ted-WS is away: THanks. I'll add you to the list and call upon you when it's your turn.
CarnbY: and, what car do u have? is that black jeep yours?
<private> ref. Webcam!
<private> type that!
Ted-WS: No black jeep here, although I have been IN the black jeep quite often on the weekends. :)
Ted-WS: I take it you live somewhere close to us.
<private> he he he eh eh he he eh
CarnbY: (ref. Webcam)
<private> "live near us!"
<private> hew he he
Ted-WS: oooohhh.
Ted-WS: I see.
Ted-WS: Smash311 is up next.
<private> hello
private from CarnbY: eg skulle skrive hope Pat gets better soon! Thanx Ted! også, men det var for seint :-(
<private> yea
private from CarnbY: CarnbY #Tech_Support :Cannot send to channel
Smash311: why are my videos always skipping ,and whats the deal with old saved games
private from CarnbY: it sux...
<private> "live near us....""
<private> he he
private from CLAYMAN: hey
private from CarnbY: heh he :-)
<private> skal du stille flere spørsmål ???
<private> send "?"
Ted-WS: Videos skip because you either do not have a 2x speed cdrom (at least) or do not have your CD-ROM read-ahead cache set high enough.
Smash311: sometimes it skips so bad it wont run
Ted-WS: Or, you could be doing something in the background to slow processor time.
<private> Det er lurt; siden du sikker kommer på noe snart, men da er det for seint å stille seg i kø...
private from CarnbY: uhh... how is that possible?
Smash311: i do
private from CarnbY: ok
Smash311: i dont understand
private from CarnbY: sure thing!
Ted-WS: wow. Tell me more about your machine, and what software you are running.
private from CarnbY: all taken car of
private from CarnbY: skal du spørre om C&C2 beta testing?
Smash311: well its a clone
Ted-WS: Shouldn't be a problem. Is this one of our games that skips when playing video?
private from CarnbY: har du skrivet din stil?
Smash311: i usually run it on windows95
<private> nope
Ted-WS: Okay. What software is doing this?
Smash311: im being harrased by xplode
private from CarnbY: ikkje eg heller... men eg har god unnskyldning :-)
Ted-WS: se the squelch button.
private from CarnbY: jeg er syk, slik som Pat
Smash311: all my c&c games
<private> he he
<private> som Pat....
<private> DU ER SYK
private from CarnbY: om han får fri fra jobb, får eg fri fra stilskriving :-)
private from CarnbY: det er vel bare rettferdig?
<private> -)
Ted-WS: I see. Red Alert and DOS C&C use completely different methods of displaying video. Does other software do this as well?
Smash311: it wont do this on enyother games
Smash311: no
private from CarnbY: ja :-)
Ted-WS: Hmm. How much memory do you have?
Smash311: 16
Smash311: megs
Ted-WS: Sounds like it should be enough. I would suggest trying to load Red Alert in Windows and make sure that you have nothing else running in the background.
Smash311: it is
Ted-WS: You should send your system statistics to Tell them you have already increased the CD-ROM cache.
Ted-WS: There's not much I can do here for you.
Smash311: and what about old saved games
Ted-WS: Should be working perfectly. The fact that it doesn't work in DOS or Windows95 doesn't make sense.
Ted-WS: Guldi is up next.
Guldi: When will "Red Alert: Counterstrike" be released?
private from CarnbY: ahhh... endelig et "non-tech " spørsmål...
Ted-WS: I expect you'll see it on the shelves in March. Mid-march to be precise.
Guldi: Why do you want to start an own ladder although there already is an excellent one with more than 5000 players - why don't you support Cas
Guldi: Case, I mean
Ted-WS: Because our tracking is automatic and exact. There is no need to report scores, and no chance of cheating.
Guldi: aha
Guldi: Is a new - more comfortable version of WChat planned? I think of e.g. pushing the up-arrow to get a history (like DosKey) or private windo
Ted-WS: Updates to the ladder and ranking will be generated soon after the game is finished.
private from CarnbY: I'm gonna win that WS competition! even if it means quitting school :-)
<private> Macros ?
<private> like alt +F1 ?
<private> cool
Ted-WS: Private windows are planned. The next release will have buddy-lists, invite, page, etc.
Guldi: I'd like that
Guldi: fine when will it be released?
private from CarnbY: cool
Guldi: will it contain macros?
private from CarnbY: er du der?
Ted-WS: great. We had better move on...
Ted-WS: the next version will not contain macros, and I'm not sure we will put them in.
<private> H ehe
Guldi: say when, please
<private> det var det eg som sa til hab!
Ted-WS: Too many people could abuse such a feature (channel scrolling, etc.)
<private> Det med makroene!
Guldi: when will we have it?
Ted-WS: We had planned to start beta testing the new WCHAT next week, but the server needs to be finished.
Guldi: the next version, I mean
private from CarnbY: macros?
Ted-WS: We expect to have that finished as well next week.
private from CarnbY: ok
Guldi: yes, the server is very slow sometimes (like now)+
Ted-WS: Next week, hopefully, but late next week. We'll see. That is, if nothing pops up.
Guldi: GREAT!
Guldi: And will the server become faster?
Ted-WS: Yes! We have a lot of people on. The new server will help with this quite a bit.
Guldi: especially if the ladder games take playce here?
Ted-WS: We had received the wrong equipment a few weeks ago, and that really delayed things.
Guldi: You know, about 1000 ladder games a day?
Ted-WS: yes. faster.
private from CarnbY: svært så stille du er...
<private> Josh & Beth
Guldi: I hope so, thx a lot
private from CarnbY: excuses...
Guldi: fine
Ted-WS: Ladder games for C&C AND Red Alert.
<private> Det er ikkje TEd's unger
Guldi: bye
Ted-WS: Monopoly too,
Guldi: that will kill case, I think
Ted-WS: Sure.
<private> Har det gått en time alt ?? ?
private from CarnbY: aha
<private> KOmmer det til å slutte nå ??
private from CarnbY: hvem sine?
Ted-WS: Jaxman is up next.
<private> etter 4-5 spørsmål ?
private from CarnbY: wow!
private from CarnbY: fast!
Jaxman: In my game in DOS when I destroy a Tesla Coil, the game crashes. Why does this happen, will the patch fix it and when's it going to be available.
private from CarnbY: håper ikkje det...
private from CarnbY: Ted jobber sikkert gjerne overtid :-)
Ted-WS: I have NEVER heard of this happening, although I don't doubt it's happening to you.
Ted-WS: Have you heard of other people experiencing similar trouble?
Jaxman: When's the patch going to be released?
Jaxman: yes
Ted-WS: I expect it to be release in about 4 more weeks.
Ted-WS: We are making sure that anything/everything is fixed the first time around.
<private> tror du at det noen gang kommer "" & "" & "" etc...
Ted-WS: We do not want to have multiple patches.
private from CarnbY: dunno
Jaxman: Thanx, can't wait.
<private> probably
private from CarnbY: why not?
<private> -)
<private> YEA!!!! WHY NOT!
Ted-WS: And we'll keep it moving. Next up is clayman
private from CarnbY: I really don't care...
Ted-WS: Sure Jaxman.
Ted-WS: Clay?
private from CarnbY: I'm gonna go get a muffin...
<private> Kommer du til å arbeide med siden vår
<private> ?
<private> Ted DON'T HAVE A MUFFIN, SO WHY THE #%"¤#%&" SHOOD YOU HAVE ONE!!!!!
Ted-WS: Eternity0 is next.
private from CarnbY: heh he he, because I'm hungry, and as you know, a muffin can be very filling :-)
private from CarnbY: Sure I'll work...
Ted-WS: eternity, you're up now.
<private> yea.
<private> What dep. do you want ?
<private> Download?
private from CarnbY: what do you want me to do+
<private> Support?
Ted-WS: eternity?
private from CarnbY: what deps. do we have?
<private> Information ?
private from CarnbY: -)
Ted-WS: Hmm.
private from CarnbY: mmmmmmm, good muffin
Ted-WS: I think I'll open it up for general conversation.
private from CarnbY: well, I can do that
private from CarnbY: both?
<KyLe1> Any chances to become a beta tester of Westwood Chat?
private from CarnbY: I like the thought of Download & support...
KyLe1 #Tech_Support :Cannot send to channel
<private> ? ??
<private> ?
scott37: fix MONOPPOLY!!
CENTCOM: Will there be a seperate channel for ladder players - and one for people playing for fun
<private> Ted; Any chances to become a beta tester of Westwood Chat?
relms: help
ToeCheese: Open conversation now? I have 2 questins.
Storfot: I have a game question. When I run RA, mission 12 Soviet the puter says "mission failed" after just 1 or 2 minutes. Is this a bug or what ?
private from CarnbY: du blir added to the list uansett hva du skriver til Ted...
SergeKore: RA tells me that the game versions are incompatible when I connect over the modem with my friend. We both have v1.04
private from CarnbY: that's cool
David7: also I would like to know: Can you play RA through a proxy such as WinGate?
Ted-WS is away: THanks. I'll add you to the list and call upon you when it's your turn.
Guldi: those seperate channels would be great!!
<KyLe1> People! Be nice, or Ted get some sysops to clear the chat room...........................
Jesster: Looking for a better map editor...
quick: When will C&C Gold and C&C Sole survivor be released?
CarnbY: when will it be possible to play more than two -2- players in WChat ?
sdaffdg: TED!!!
scott37: We paid our dues now fix our game. Wish the lemon law was for software too
sdaffdg: TED, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<KyLe1> Ted; Any chances to become a beta tester of Westwood Chat?
CarnbY: what's the gameplay like in Sole Survivor?
Xplode: TEd
scott37: whos not nice
mjackman: that's fine for you to say KyLe1 you got to ask a question
quick: what exactly IS Soe Survivor
Ted-WS: I'm here. Please don't yell.
mjackman: DITTO
<action> KyLe1 says that this has been an informative Chat. (as always:-)
konomi: What is this patch thing I'm hearing about for RA?
CLAYMAN: It was my go!!!!!!!
CLAYMAN: it's not fair
quick: oops....Sole, I mean
scott37: must have went to the nessary room
<KyLe1> mjackman: That's since i was one of the first peole to arrive.
CLAYMAN: Ted=dead
Xplode: TeDDDDDD Talk to me NNNNoooooww
konomi: Clayman.....Ted called on you and you didn't answer
CLAYMAN: It was my f#%^&^#% turn
Ted-WS: Hmm, to a certain degree. You can write me mail at I'll send you an application via email when we begin looking for testers (next two weeks)
Storfot: Ted. I have a game question. When I run RA, mission 12 Soviet the puter says "mission failed" after just 1 or 2 minutes. Is this a bug or what ?
CLAYMAN: Ted!!!!
CarnbY: CLAYMAN ! How dare you ???!!?!?!
CLAYMAN: I'm here now
Ted-WS: There will be a patch for RA issued next month (i believe).
CLAYMAN: I went for to seconds and you missed me
Ted-WS: Xplode, if you dislike someone, please squelch them.
CLAYMAN: please can I talk now
Ted-WS: Do I have to seperate you kids! :)
konomi: CLAYMAN>>> Be Nice!!!!
CLAYMAN: I was away for two seconds
mjackman: my screen is black when i load a mission and as I move the mouse, chunks of the screen are displayed
CLAYMAN: ~sob~
scott37: what year for a monopoly fix 1999??
mjackman: help
CarnbY: heh he, good one :-)
konomi: Ted did call on you and waited for your response for a long time
CLAYMAN: can you play the dos version over Kali??
Xplode: First of all i'd like to know why we can't have more than 2 @'s on wchat
Ted-WS: Storfot, I think that is a timed mission. Write mail to and they will give you instructions on this.
CLAYMAN: hehehe
Xplode: thats my first question
Ted-WS: Mjackman, that's a video driver problem. Get the newest video drivers for your video card.
CLAYMAN: I'm very nice
CLAYMAN: why am I not nice??
CLAYMAN: I'm sorry I wasn't there
Ted-WS: Yes clayman.
mjackman: it worked last week
CLAYMAN: woo hoo
CarnbY: maybe you ought to turn off open conversation... this is a mess...
CLAYMAN: where can I get dirextX 2.0?
scott37: microsoft
gkills: can anybody tell me why i've been only been able to get connected on online games 1 out of 5 tries
Ted-WS: Well, tech support ended 15 min. ago. I wanted to see what else was up.
Guldi: forget the support @ westwood
sks1: you can get DirectX 2.0 off microsofts site
Ted-WS: Sometimes other users have solutions for those who ask questions.
scott37: clay
Storfot: Thanks a lot Ted I'll do that.
Guldi: they NEVER send an answer
CLAYMAN: I can't find it at microsoft
CarnbY: you don't mind working overtime do u Ted ?
Xplode: Ted-ws, GOD of WESTWOOD, Master of all computers, TALK TO ME
Guldi: they aonly send FAQs
mjackman: yeah tech support ended and i was here the whole time!!
CENTCOM: Ted - Will there be a seperate channel for ladder players - and one for people playing for fun
Ted-WS: was backed up, but they are now only 1-2 days behind. It will take 48 hours for a personal response,
CarnbY: I'm sittin' here at 4:17 am. patiantly listening to all the wise words...
sks1: Search for DirectX and you'll find it
CLAYMAN: can you play dos version over Kali???
Ted-WS: or you can check the tech support area which seems to help 90% of the people out there.
bulwin: i stil need to know why after the mission to rescue tanya and kill of the enemy my game crashes after the video of tanya
Ted-WS: You can get the directx2.0 drivers from the tech support area at westwood too.
CLAYMAN: I did a search and it didn't find any
Guldi: NO, Support never sends a personal answer
CLAYMAN: well nothying usefull
CarnbY: TED - Hope Pat will get better soon !
sdapopka: what does"game versions incompatible" mean when trying to play on a network
CLAYMAN: ok cool thanx
Xplode: GOD OF WESTOOD, Answer my questions, you are the Master of all Computers
Guldi: I tried it several times
konomi: TED...when will the up-grade for westwood be available for us to down load?
private from CarnbY: what a mess...
Ted-WS: clayman, you can play dos version over kali.
Guldi: Xpl: Don´t slime around man!
CLAYMAN: so can you play dos version over Kali/Kahn??
CarnbY: when will it be possible to play more than two -2- players in WChat ?
Ted-WS: Yes, unfortunately pat was sick this past thursday, and I was not in town. The tech support
scott37: wipe your nose Xplode
Ted-WS: was canceled.
konomi: Guldi...Ted said to e-mail him personally if you don't get any response from support...happened to me too
CLAYMAN: woooooo hoooooooo thanx Ted dude
private from CarnbY: 502 persons resident...
sks1: It is hidden in all the Press releases I had to look for quite a while
Guldi: CLAY: You can play all RA Version via KALI
CLAYMAN: c'ya round
action: Xplode wipes her nose
mjackman: no kidding Xplode
Ted-WS: Westwood Chat will be automatically downloaded when the next update is available. I think this should be about 3-4 weeks away.
scott37: hum to sick to type????
Guldi: CLAY: Use the 1.1 Beta versions
CLAYMAN: I know now
scott37: my boss would love that 1
konomi: What's KALI?
Ted-WS: Westwood Chat will ultimately support more than 2 players in C&C/Red Alert. I don't want to speculate when exactly this will happen.
konomi: ok...sounds good
CLAYMAN: of Kali??
Xplode: GOD OF WESTOOD i need your help, please if you have even a tiny bit of good in you you will talk to me
Ted-WS: To sick to leave home.
Guldi: TED: Give us a seperate channel for Ladder players! Please!
private from CarnbY: hallo ???
Ted-WS: (too) sick to leave home.
CLAYMAN: c'ya peoples I'm off
CarnbY: -)
Ted-WS: Alright. I'm gonna get out of here for tonight.
quick: when is C&C Gold coming out?
private from CarnbY: Ted is funny!
sks1: ISDN it's everywhere.
Guldi: CLAY sure 1.1k beta is the current version
konomi: thanks TED
Ted-WS: Maybe I will, especially when the ladders are up and running here on Westwood.
scott37: hum a thought modem???
CarnbY: Bye TED !!!
Ted-WS: 'm also considering creating a number of other types of channels.
CENTCOM: good night
CarnbY: Have a nice evenig!
gkills: THANKS FOR HELPING TED!! (sarcasam)
Guldi: Give it to us NOW please
Ted-WS: ALrighty, everyone have a good Saturday/Sunday.
Ted-WS: You too.
Xplode: TED i have so many questions but i will only ask one
scott37: thanks for no answers
<KyLe1> Thanx Ted.
Guldi: GIVE us a ladder channel
CarnbY: We appreciate that you spend your valuable time on helping us Ted !
Guldi: please
CarnbY: hmmm...
Guldi: and a netleague channel
CarnbY: He's gone
<KyLe1> -)
CarnbY: what a cool guy
scott37: he's getting paid to answer them, its called a JOB!!
CarnbY: I wonder if he would adopt me...
Xplode: TED a.k.a. GOD of WESTWOOD a.k.a. Master of Computers a.k.a. Coolest human being on EARTH
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